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Event driven dating

Dateflips flips dating upside down. Instead of trying to find someone to date, you can make a date to meet someone. The result - the world's easiest way to date. Apply for dates or make a date yourself for others to apply to, all from your iPhone in just seconds. Meet someone casually over a cup of coffee or go all in with an amazing weekend getaway. Dinner, movie, ball game, museum, heck, even a trip to Vegas, it's all happening on Dateflips.

  • Easily find dates that other have made nearby
  • Make a date that others can apply to
  • Get instantly notified when someone has applied to your date

Make a date

Making a date is simple. Just enter where the date is, what you'll be doing, day, and time. No lengthy profiles to fill out. When people apply for your date, you can see who they are and choose to accept or reject them. Once you accept someone for your date, you're done. Dateflips will exchange your email addresses and you're off to your date.

Find a date

Just open Dateflips and you'll instantly see upcoming dates in your area. You can also search and filter dates. If a date catches your eye, just tap Apply. The person who made the date will be notified. Once you're accepted for the date, you'll be notified. Dateflips will exchange your email addresses and you're off to your date.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Start dating with Dateflips in under 60 seconds

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Make a date

Let your creativity shine in the dates you make.

Apply to a date

Applying for dates is easy - just one tap.

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